Establishing your own business is a tough task, but running a business smoothly is the real test. As a business owner, you must make important decisions every day to ensure that your business is operating well. From making important deals to keeping tabs on your business expenditure, every tiny detail demands your full attention.  

This is why smart business owners use technology and financial resources to the fullest to reduce efforts and workload. Using corporate credit cards to handle daily business expenses is one of the smartest ways to avoid the long cycle of monthly reimbursements. But what is a corporate card? How does it work? Is it better than a personal credit card? Weโ€™ll find that out here.

What are Corporate credit cards?

Just like people have personal debit or credit cards, banks also provide debit or credit cards to companies and businesses. These are called corporate cards. The businesses can give these corporate cards to their employees for business expenses. However, the company is responsible for paying any charges made on these corporate cards.

Corporate cards make it easy for employees to spend money for the company without using their own money and waiting to get paid back later. For businesses, corporate cards allow them to easily track spending, set limits on how much can be spent, and permit employees to spend while still being in control. Corporate cards are designed to provide rewards and benefits for the company and employees, which makes them profitable for businesses.

Corporate cards are convenient because employees don’t have to pay upfront and get reimbursed. Businesses like them because they can monitor spending, restrict overspending, authorize employee spending, and earn rewards – all of which benefit the company.

Corporate credit card vs personal credit card

Does it make a difference if you use a corporate credit card or your personal credit card to pay for business expenses? Yes, and there are many reasons why having a corporate credit card is a good practice:

  • Fees

The fees for corporate credit cards are similar to personal credit cards. While some corporate card programs are more expensive because they have many users, you can also find affordable corporate cards in Singapore, especially for small businesses and startups.

  • Spend Limits

With a good corporate card program, a company can have as many cards as needed for key employees. It can also set spending limits for each card and restrict spending to certain suppliers, merchants, locations, etc. This gives more control over company spending and visibility on where money is going.

  • Employee Benefits

Corporate cards save employees from paying out-of-pocket first, waiting for reimbursement, and filling out extra paperwork. Employees can easily submit expense reports without mistakes.

  • Rewards and Perks

Corporate cards offer rewards designed for company executives, such as air miles, frequent flyer points, travel benefits like free hotel and restaurant access, and even cash back. Personal card rewards usually can’t match this.

Setting boundaries using a corporate card separates business and personal expenses. If you use a personal card, you have to do extra work documenting business expenses. With corporate cards, it’s easier to track expenses, assign accountability, and manage accounts, especially since many integrate with accounting software.


Corporate credit cards are a much better choice than personal credit cards for business expenses. Corporate cards provide many benefits that personal cards do not. They make it easy for employees to make business purchases without using their own money. Companies can control spending by setting limits on each card. Employees do not have to worry about reimbursements or keeping receipts.

Corporate cards also offer great rewards like travel points and cash back. These rewards are designed for businesses rather than individuals. Using separate cards for business helps keep personal and company expenses separated. This makes accounting and tax management much simpler.

With corporate card transactions linked to accounting software, businesses can easily track all spending. They know exactly where money is going without extra work. Personal cards require carefully documenting every business expense.

Overall, corporate credit cards give businesses more control, better rewards, easier expense tracking, and less hassle than using personal cards. While corporate card programs may have some additional fees, the benefits outweigh the costs for most businesses. Making the switch to corporate cards streamlines operations and saves valuable time and money.


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