E-cigarettes do not burn tobacco. Instead,E-cigarettes Are Lethal For Heart Articles there is a cartridge that is filled with a particular flavored liquid that consists of nicotine, tetrahydrocannabinol or cannabinoid oils and few other chemicals. This e-cigarette turns the liquid chemical into vapor by heating which the person inhales. Thus, it is called vaping.

After deep research on cardiovascular system, it is stated by Dr. Bhasker Semitha, one of the best surgeons in Mumbai that in addition to nicotine, e-cigarettes consists of particulate matter, metals as well as flavorings โ€“ all of which could result to cardiovascular issues. Most of the people in the world assume that these products are comparatively safe from other smoking products, but in reality, there are many more reasons to worry about like the effects of e-cigarettes on heart health.

Tiny particles that are found in the air pollution get into your bloodstream and straightforwardly affect the heart. One of the cardiac surgeons said that the same case happens with e-cigarettes. Some researchers have showed that it has an immediate negative effect in humans as well as animals like increase in the blood pressure or heart rates, firmness in the arteries, inflammation as well as oxidative stress. In the end, all these are related to heart disease.

The Lung Association is quite worried about the upcoming generation as they would surely have to go through tobacco-caused diseases because of the e-cigarettes. As there is a rapid growth in the youth using the products like e-cigarettes, the lung association has ordered the Food and Drug Administration to raise their oversight and scrutiny of the e-cigarettes to protect the coming generation.

One of the cardiac surgeons stated that several unknowns who have no idea about the effect on the fetus if a mother smokes, as well on the children and adults who are inhaling the second-hand chemicals released by these devices.

According to the World Health Organization, there pod juice flavors has been a tremendous increase in the usage of e-cigarettes. Vaping has been raised to 41 million users in 2018 from 7 million users in 2011. It is expected to rise to more than 55 million users by 2021. One of the best cardiac surgeons said that โ€œSpecifically for someone who has not ever smoked, it is a very bad idea to take up the risk and itโ€™s quite conclusive when you say that they are not harm-free.โ€ E-cigarettes are still not approved as a quit smoking aid by the FDA.

The cardiac surgeon also further said that the E-cigarettes consist of a vast variety of e-liquids as well as different devices are available out in the market, where manufacturers donโ€™t particularly mention whatโ€™s in them. The latest research on vaping-related health problems and deaths has yet to be narrowed down to a single product. Due to the vapingโ€™s apparent safety in comparison, most of the smokers have jumped on e-cigarettes or the combination of both. Vaping can result in nicotine addiction as well as the risk for addiction to some other drug also increases which leads to a rise in heart attack or heart disease.


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